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A Red Alert Politics has remained the biggest obstacle for HCFC, where cultural disparities amid our “pledge” in pulling up our sleeves and unearthing the resources of the world for the sharing and equitable distribution among our members! HCFC African American Defense Fund For A Greater Tomorrow Action Plan is our starting point, where our “Big Goals ~ Big Models” Mentoring offers a great tool the visitor can weigh-in on.

With NAACP-led coalition opposition to increased police presence in schools today, NAACP Legal Defense Fund, the Advancement Project, the Alliance for Educational Justice and the Dignity within the schools campaign. HCFC, alike what NAACP’s 100 plus years would suggest, African American Business Enterprising amid African Americans deemed under-educated chances for employment in the 21st Century becoming a real concern today. With national statistics having shown 42% referred cases to police within schools are black related, hence 35% ultimately are arrested. In addition, HCFC’s 25 years within the African American Business market-place communications: African American business market-place standards are viewed as obsolete to such a degree African American students are being predisposed or becoming subjects of a prison syndrome complex that with TSA checkpoint like environments within the school settings of today, police to soldier back regrouping:

“Are African American Students a National Threat?”

Or to the bigger question, has the African American Society lost “its mojo” and left such indifference’s to the African American deemed a victim of his or her human rights to basic quality living and support. It is the role of HCFC, and its CEO JD Hawkins, “Minister of Economics” that to return to the basics disenfranchising can be addressed by the inclusion and mentoring today!

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