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At Hilltop Coalition Funds & Commission(s) (HCFC) one of the many disciplines we have been giving credit over the years, as an African American Enterprise would be our research and development programs investors would engage as profitable. Since 1989 HCFC has supported very small churches, businesses, civic, association, reentry, homeless, youth and of course the adults whom commitment to change for the betterment of the community throughout Greater Washington.

We are truly proud to be recognized as one of a very few small African American Enterprises that can state that up from the 80s’ throughout the time of Washington, DCs “reinvestment and recovery” beautification progress, HCFC 2013 small business commercialization initiative amid our research and development programming having an opportunity to make an impact on the Y generation, as we did on the X generation… Hundreds of senior businesses of the past that took front stage for HCFC to follow.

As a 500 member business sponsorship operations, HCFC R&D programs and global market communications “repositions” 98% of our clients from failure to a platform beneficial to the longevity of their business. HCFCs’ community–corporate trust-fund and small business commercialized utilization plan, since HCFC inception 89′ R&D investments has been where our focus continues throughout today in the many case studies we have conducted in support of 100s of businesses that could not afford to hire w2 wage employees or reinvest into its operation systems to commercialize and hire at various degrees.

See a recent protest shown in the YouTube video posted below, where 100s of very small businesses and employment seekers for decades prove while our service still remain and would be in demand.

PS: With an elevated sense of urgency for the generations to come, and the underserved communities being at the topic of discussion. Take a moment and learn what generational awareness can do when the many become contributors to their ‘self worth’ … Meet HCFC CEO, and let’s employ for the generations to come!

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